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How to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram


Recruiting subscribers is the main problem of all Instagrammers. On the one hand, there is nothing difficult here: make good content and order advertising. On the other hand, where to start if your account is only a couple of days old and there is no money for advertising?

Not all promotion methods are available to a young account. For mutual PR, you are not interesting to anyone yet (you do not have subscribers). It is extremely dangerous to include massliking and mass following on a young account. And I want subscribers. What to do? Explore free and legal ways to recruit subscribers and get started!

Prepare your account

Before dreaming of millions of followers, prepare your account. Before taking action, your account must have:

  • 10-15 good posts (good picture, interesting text);
  • The description of the profile is filled;
  • Nice avatar;
  • You have decided on positioning and understand WHY someone subscribes to you.

Buy followers

The first 1000 subscribers can be bought. There are a large number of different services for this, where for a fairly small amount you can get followers on instagram.

Yes, they will not be active, but they will motivate subsequent users to follow you.

Use other social media

Many lifestyle bloggers came to Instagram from LiveJournal. And from there they brought the first few thousand of their audience. What conclusion can be drawn from this? And this: if you already have an audience somewhere and you go to Instagram, tell this audience where to look for you now!

Make posts on facebook, Vkontakte, on personal pages and in groups, on twitter, live and what else you use there. Tell everyone that you have Instagram and give a link to your account. Some of your friends will surely subscribe.

However, it should be understood that if you plan to run several platforms (for example, Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte), then it would be good to create different content for each of them. No one is interested in seeing the same posts multiple times a day.

Use the newsletter on the site

If you have a mailing list – use it! Tell your followers that you have an instagram. Some of your readers will probably find it convenient to receive news not in the mail, but in their Instagram feed.

And again: make sure that the posts do not duplicate each other, are interesting and useful. Nobody wants to subscribe to bullshit.

Website widget

This option works great if you have a good site with good traffic. When a reader found you through a search query or a link left on some forum, when your article or your product solved his problem, he most likely wants to remember you. Show that you have Instagram, give the reader a hook they can grab onto.

But this method of recruiting subscribers will not work if 1.5 people visit your site per year.

Use offline space

If you have an offline store, showroom, salon, bar or something else, be sure to use it to hook your visitors and bring them to Instagram. A man came to the bar, left and forgot. And a subscriber on Instagram will see your posts in the feed, see your news and promotions, and will constantly remember you. Agree, in this case, the likelihood that the guest will look to you again is much greater.

This also includes participation in fairs, markets, festivals and even simple delivery by courier. Write your Instagram nickname on business cards, add a link to the packaging. Let the client find you online.

Friend’s help

If among your friends there is Nastasya Samburskaya or Olga Buzova, who agree to promote you on Instagram for free, you are very lucky! But even if not, don’t be discouraged. Ask your friends to talk about your account. Even if they have 100 subscribers, but you ask 10 friends, this will already be a good reach to start with.

Here you need to pay attention to 2 points:

  1. Your account must be good so that your friend is not ashamed to tell about it.
  2. Tell us in detail what exactly the friend should write (what are your qualities or competitive advantages to describe), what should be emphasized and what should be in the post (there should be an @ -link to your account).

Guest posting

Guest posting is when you write a post for another account. Another account publishes your post, provides an @ -link to your account, and thus advertises you.

As a result, you get ads and new subscribers. Your partner gets good content and saves their time preparing the post. Win win.

Comments in other accounts

Your Instagram activity can bring you new subscribers. Yes, you don’t have followers yet, but there are tons of bloggers and celebrities who have a lot of followers. Comments under their posts are read by thousands of people. And including your comment. This is why this is a great opportunity to make yourself known and draw attention to your account.

True, there are some nuances here. The main one is that spam pisses everyone off. If you start to leave comments like “follow me”, you will be hated and banned. Leave banal compliments like “Great photo!” is also pointless, because such comments are not interesting to anyone. What to do? Be original. Write comments on the topic of the post and try to be interesting, funny, provocative or memorable.

This method of recruiting subscribers is one of the most time consuming. It will take time to find suitable commenting sites and learn how to write “working” comments. But, having received the first results, you will surely get a taste!

 As you can see, gaining the first 1,000 subscribers is not that difficult if you pay attention to account preparation and show a little persistence. Most importantly, these methods are safe and free, so they are great for getting started.


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